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The SocketWorks Limited CollegePortalâ„¢ is a highly developed, highly customizable product that has been deployed in several universities across Africa and Southeast Asia. This-end to-end system is designed to meet the needs of all key education stakeholders, including institutions, students, prospective students, parents and guardians, regulatory bodies, and the Ministry of Education.

CollegePortalâ„¢ automates institutional processes on a platform that increases efficiency while acclimating students to a digital culture, thus preparing them to excel in a world that is increasingly driven by technology.

CollegePortalâ„¢ was built under the fundamental principle that technology must play an integral part in 21st century education in developing countries. The system provides students with access to online libraries and learning resources from around the world, with an aim to improve learning outcomes while ensuring that students have access to up-to-date and high quality learning materials.

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