• SW EVP is an e-voting platform that enables the investors to vote electronically on resolutions of companies. The e-voting system records votes of shareholders and provides data on the number of votes polled in favor or against a resolution proposed by the company.
  • A timeline is set for e-Voting, where the shareholders are communicated on the start-time and end-time. The e-Voting shall remain open only for the stipulated time as communicated to the shareholders/investors.
  • E-Voting enables shareholders participate in the decision making of a company from the comfort of their homes or offices.
  • Shareholders do not need to register on the e-Voting platform, however, the shareholder’s details are preloaded into the SocketWorks e-Voting platform by the portal administrator.
  • Emails containing unique control numbers and other details of the Company’s resolution are sent out to the shareholders.
  • shareholders will then visit the e-Voting portal, access the portal and follow the voting process to cast their votes.
  • Unlimited overlapping voting options – different voting session can be set up on the system and run concurrently

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